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And Tomorrow Theatre Company presents:



Lear Alone

A web series based on King Lear exploring the intersection of social isolation, homelessness and ageing, in partnership with CRISIS

Written by William Shakespeare | Directed by Anthony Shrubsall | Starring Edmund Dehn

Released for free weekly on YouTube with and without subtitles

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11 July – 31 August 2021

@andtomorrowtc | #LearAlone |

Five free episodes released weekly on YouTube, Lear Alone uses just King Lear’s lines from the first folio of Shakespeare’s well-known tragedy to explore themes of loneliness, ageing and homelessness: a study of one man's vulnerability as he confronts and negotiates a digital world. This disenfranchised Lear's relationship to the text, and to the viewer, will be determined by the phone in his hand, the noise on the streets and the disturbance inside his head. Performed solely by 69-year-old actor Edmund Dehn, the project was filmed on location in and around London, starting at Actor's Care Home Denville Hall. The series will be presented as a play within a play - as such, Edmund plays the part of an actor playing Lear: trying to find his voice and his place in the world as he grapples with homelessness.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics in 2019 showed that the number of older people in England seeking help for homelessness had risen by 39 per cent in the previous five years: a growing societal problem forced even further into the public consciousness as a result of Covid-19. In partnering with CRISIS, and by presenting the piece digitally, and for free, And Tomorrow Theatre Company hope to reach beyond a regular theatregoing audience, and to start new conversations around preconceptions of homelessness, particularly in relation to older people.

Once the final episode is released on 8 August, the full playlist of all five episodes will remain available to view until the end of the month so that people can watch the piece in its entirety, more akin to watching a play.

Director Anthony Shrubsall said, “Lear is timeless and unfortunately so is homelessness. In a time when we have all felt so alone it seemed right to use the artistry of the former to highlight the reality of the latter”.

Originally formed in response to Brexit, And Tomorrow Theatre Company maintains an emphatically international outlook. They are especially interested in exploring historical characters, both real life and fictional. Their inaugural production, Death of a Hunter drew together an English translation of a German play about American literary icon Ernest Hemingway, and was presented in 2020 on YouTube in association with the Finborough Theatre, where it won an OffComm award. As actor and director respectively, Edmund Dehn and Anthony Shrubsall are also founding members of critically acclaimed Entire Theatre. Their most recent production Orbits explored the relationship between Bertolt Brecht and Charles Laughton. The company’s lead producer Sarah Lawrie also produced the world premiere of Scrounger which premiered at the Finborough Theatre in 2020 and went on to win Best New Play at the 2021 Off West End Awards. And Tomorrow is proudly supported by Theater Auf’m Kahn in Berlin, Theatre Tricolore, Entire Theatre and The So & So Arts Club in London and is actively seeking new partnerships across Europe and beyond.

Running Time: Five 10 minute episodes | Suitable for ages 12+

Company information

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Anthony Shrubsall

Cinematographer, Sound Recordist and Editor Charles Teton

Music by Zelida Gordon


Edmund Dehn

Listings information

11 July – 31 August

Five episodes released weekly on Sundays at 6pm

Available online until 31 August

Free to watch and on demand with and without subtitles

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England and presented in partnership with CRISIS, Scenesaver and Elysium Theatre Company





Death of a Hunter by Rolf Hochhuth - Full Play

The successful run of Death of a Hunter on youtube in association with the Finborough Theatre has now finished. 

Reviews  ★★★★

"Dehn convincingly portrays a man tortured by memories of his father who also committed suicide."   ★★★★

"The direction from Anthony Shrubsall and set and costume by Holly Maples are completely aligned with the wider purpose of this piece: to ultimately show the hysteria and mental instability that rendered Hemingway unable to write."



'Death of a Hunter’ online was awarded an OnComm Award



Future Plans

Partly in response to Covid, we are planning  to produce a “King Lear for our times”. This will be a solo Lear. We are still at the planning stage so watch this space!


Previous Shows


DEATH OF A HUNTER is a newly commissioned English-language adaptation of Rolf Hochhuth’s 1975 one-man play TOD EINES JÄGERS, a theatrical exploration of Ernest Hemingway’s final hour.

On a trip to Hamburg in 2016, And Tomorrow founders Edmund Dehn and Anthony Shrubsall saw Torsten Münchow’s performance as Hemingway in Peter Thiers’ German-language adaptation of Hochhuth’s epic play.

Returning to England, and encouraged by Münchow, Thiers and Hochhuthhimself, Edmund and Anthony commissioned writer and translator Peter Sutton to translate the script into English.

DEATH OF A HUNTER previewed at Theater Auf’m Kahn in Berlin in September 2017,

in repertoire with Torsten Münchow's performance of the German-language version, directed by Anthony and with Edmund in the lead role.

It received its UK premiere on 2nd April 2018, directed by Anthony Shrubsall and produced by Sarah Lawrie in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre in West London. 

In Spring 2019, it played at the Brighton Fringe Festival to 4 * reviews and in Autumn 2020 it streamed for a month on the Finborough Theatre’s YouTube channel.



★★★★ "We see a detailed and complex portrait of a tortured genius" The Upcoming

★★★★ "The actor couldn't be a better fit for the character" Broadway World

★★★★ "Beautifully contrived" Reviews gate

★★★★ "A remarkable piece of acting" Close Up Culture

★★★★ "Dehn channels Hemingway's robust persona – fearless and self-critical" Breaking The Fourth Wall

"Superbly acted...basically everything we had hoped for"

"Riveting and ultimately uplifting" Catholic News

"Draws you into Hemingway's world with tremendous ease" London Pub Theatres