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King Lear the play: EPISODE 3

For those of you who are curious about the parts of the play that are not in our web-series, and would like to see how the episodes correlate with the Acts and Scenes in the Arden version of King Lear, here you go!

Episode 3


Episode 3 starts as Lear sees Goneril arriving! Regan and Goneril make it clear that they are on the same page: they ask Lear why he needs any followers at all. Their servants could look after him quite adequately. Lear threatens to “be a comrade with the wolf and owl”. They call his bluff.

Lear leaves telling the Fool, who has silently observed all this, that he will go mad.

After he has gone, Goneril and Regan agree that they will receive Lear himself, but no followers. They tell us there is a storm coming and that they will lock the doors and not let him in. Gloucester tries to persuade them otherwise.

(End of Act 2 Scene 4)


The next scene is on a heath in a thunderstorm at night. Kent meets an anonymous Gentleman. We hear that Lear is running around in weather that makes even wild animals seek shelter. Only the Fool is with him: everyone else has left. We also hear that Goneril and Regan, and their husbands, are about to have a serious falling out. Kent says that the French know what’s happening and are sending an army. Kent asks the Gentleman to go to Dover where he will find Cordelia.

(Act 3 Scene 1)


Lear and the Foole are alone on the heath in the storm, re-imagined in our version as a busy roundabout and the underpass beneath it. Kent comes to join them having found “a hovel” for them to shelter in. Lear knows he’s going mad.

(Act 3 Scene 2)


Back at the castle, Gloucester tells his son Edmund how upset he is at what is being done to the King. He also confirms that Regan and Goneril are less than friendly and that there are forces being raised on the King’s side. Gloucester says that he and Edmund must join the King’s side. Gloucester says that he’s going out to help Lear.
After he exits, Edmund tells us that he is going to betray his father’s confidences to Goneril and Regan.

(Act 3 Scene 3)


Lear, Kent and the Fool have reached their hovel. Lear does not at first want to go inside.

Episode 3 ends just as Lear is about to enter the hovel.

(Act 3 Scene 4)